Chapter 21

Beer Styles

Czech Republic Beer Styles



Pilsner, one of the world’s first golden lagers, was first produced in the region still known as Bohemia, in the town of Pilsen in former Czechoslovakia. Sometimes the designation is spelled "Pilsener," or it may be abbreviated to "Pils." Pilsner is a golden-colored beer that has good malt and hop character, with a strong, clean, assertive flavor. Hop bouquet is impressive, with floweriness of aroma and dryness of finish. Bohemian Pilsner is malty and well-hopped, with a smooth finish. A caramel taste is often observed, and a hint of diacetyl adds the impression of complexity and sweetness. Light- to medium-bodied Bohemian-style Pilsner really makes its impression with the bitterness, flavor, and aromatic character of the spicy Czech Saaz hop.

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