Chapter 17

Bottling Beer

Case Packing

Case packing is done manually or by case packers. Two people standing at a discharge table can pack up to 100 BPM. This assumes that empty cases are within easy reach and that another person closes and stacks the case. For rates above 100 BPM, an automatic case erector and packer are required.

Types of Case Packers

There are two types of case packers, "drop packers" and "pick and place packers." Drop packers accumulate and drop the bottles through flexible fingers that are inserted into each cell of the receiving case. Pick and place packers (see Figure 17.6) use pneumatic grippers that lift the bottles off the collection table and then lower them precisely through flexible fingers into the case.

Case Sealing

Once the case is packed, it is sealed. In craft breweries, case sealing is done manually; in larger breweries, it is done automatically.


If the palletized load of beer is to be warehoused, the temperature of the beer should not exceed 3C. Care should be taken to avoid damage from fork trucks, and excessive heights should be avoided in stacking of pallets.

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