Chapter 6

Brewing Adjuncts

Benefits in Using Adjuncts

Adjunct use results in beers with enhanced physical stability, superior chill-proof qualities, and greater brilliancy. The greater physical stability has to do with the fact that adjuncts contribute very little proteinaceous material to wort and beer, which is advantageous in terms of colloidal stability. Rice and corn adjuncts contribute little or no soluble protein to the wort, while other adjunct materials, such as wheat and barley, have higher levels of soluble protein. Except for barley, adjuncts also contribute little or no polyphenolic substances. Adjuncts can be used to adjust fermentability of a wort. Many brewers add sugar and/or syrup directly to the kettle as an effective way of adjusting fermentability, rather than trying to alter mash rest times and temperatures.

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