Chapter 20

Brewery Cleaning And Sanitation

Cleaning and Sanitation Manual

The first step in any effective cleaning and sanitation program is the development of a detailed, up-to-date manual. This manual should establish a systematic procedure for cleaning and sanitizing each major piece of brewery equipment, listing the frequency, method, and materials to be used for cleaning and sanitizing. For each cleaning and sanitizing procedure discussed in the manual, the weight or volume of material used should be given relative to the amount of water used, along with the concentrations of each material involved. All chemicals used in a cleaning and sanitation program should follow recommendations provided by suppliers.


Safety is a significant issue that all brewers must adhere to when using chemical agents to clean the brewery. For this reason, all workers in the brewery must know and understand the principles and processes for cleaning equipment. For example, some chemical agents react with carbon dioxide. Many examples exist of cleaning agents being added to a freshly emptied fermenter and seeing the reaction of carbon dioxide and cleaning agent cause the fermenter to implode. Other examples exist of untrained workers entering a vessel to clean it using toxic chemicals, and expiring inside the confined space. Care and safety are necessary when using these agents.

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