Chapter 24

Brewery Pumps

Brewery Hoses

The vast majority of brewery hoses fall into diameters of 1 ½, 2, and 3 inches. Hoses are all about flow (must or beer transfer—gallons per minute, GPM), and brewers are often advised to work backwards through their production cycle. There are essentially no pre-fabricated hoses available, only custom. Hose pressure capacities (discharge and intake) are always contingent upon the temperature of the material being moved. Today rubber is considered more of a traditional hose, and new purchases are usually relegated to larger facilities with high volume beer transfer, with higher pressures and larger pumps.


There are several options for hose connections available to craft brewers but the most popular connections are Tri-Clamp. Tri-Clamp (“TC”) connections are very common. However, hose barb connectors are not sanitary and should be avoided for wort, beer and other sanitary transfers; regardless of whether they are attached with band clamps, worm clamps or collars applied hydraulically. Hoses fitted with 3-A sanitary connections are the recommended choice. 3-A sanitary hose end fittings are a two-part matched system consisting of a stem and ferrule and must be hydraulically installed by a professional hose fabricator. Stems are sized according to the internal hose diameter.

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